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Halo Technology provides optical connectivity solutions for enterprise, telecom, and government institutions around the world. We invest in innovation, next-gen manufacturing facilities, and the brightest talent. We’re on a mission to build safe data connections for billions of devices that assure an interoperable world.

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Connectivity through innovation.

Halo is turning ideas into winning innovation that redefines market standards. As the demand for more data at faster speeds rises, the ability to meet these requirements is vital to our future. Our optical solutions, engineered for functional integration and modular scalability, give control back to network operators. Through R&D, manufacturing, and fulfillment, every step is designed for long-term success and total customer satisfaction.

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Building a fast, connected future.

For two decades, Halo has been a pioneer in the networking industry. Through constant innovations in optical fiber technology and a hyperefficient production line, we are fully committed to building a better, faster, fully interoperable world. Today, Halo is the world’s largest independent provider of compatible fiber optics, and we are constantly expanding.


With the new addition of Skylane Optics, we serve more customers and countries than ever before. Halo’s corporate responsibility platform focuses on our people, products, communities, and the environment to help us drive a brighter, more sustainable future.

Our playbook.

Executing our playbook has created a successful portfolio.

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